Sunday, July 30, 2006

How Loic came to make the Vacherin.

We were passing through Montelimar. The highway sign that usually has a picture of a knife and fork, and a phone and a gas tank to remind us what amenities the station exit has to offer, also had a square with the word NOUGAT. Well, we all know that Montelimar is a big nougat town. And if you've ever had the real nougat from this town, it is something that you come to think about later, sometimes years later. It's one of those things that grows in your mind. The nougat from a few years ago that had reached a certain proportion in my mind and the sight of that highway sign crossed astrological paths in space and time and I had a vision. I told Loic that I had decided what I wanted for my birthday cake. I wanted something with nougat. And meringue. He smiled and said that this year he was going to be preparing me my birthday cake from scratch. The following two days became somewhat of a trial for him. How about a trip to the beach, Lolo? "I have to make the meringue" he replied. He still wouldn't tell me what he was making. I finally convinced him that I would water the garden while he put the meringue together and we set the oven on a timer. Little by little his idea became a reality while I stepped in and assisted here and there, learning details along the way about what could possibly be his suprise dessert. It was delicious, it technically contained no nougat but was absolutely exactly what I envisioned. Thank you, Loic. You know me so well.

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