Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Salade Lyonnaise

We sat in the window looking out. Fran nicely listened. "Really, the Salade Lyonnaise is the perfect brunch food. Don't you think so? Bacon, eggs, and salad. Just perfect." The sun was shining off the front of the building across the street, and made everything kind of glow in the window where we were having lunch. Fran was looking across the street, watching some men talk.

The Bourse.

"Mm hmm." She had her eyes on the street. "C'mon lady, c'mon let's go. That's right, move. I'm gonna get those café chairs behind your car." A woman decked in fur slammed the door to a cheap little Smart car, a furious kind of click. The car shook delicately on its frame before she started it up. She was incensed about something. I suppose if she didn't look so severe and angry something would be missing. Nothing like a little drama to liven up lunch. Matching fiery lipstick and nails, fur, and a Smart car. Fran put down her knife and fork and took her camera out to get the cafe chairs. I was more interested in the lady. I continued to eat my salad and watched her speed away. Brunch food.

The bourse is reflected in the new Bazaar. Place Cordeliers.

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Blogger Tace said...

Yum, I never had a salad like that before, actually I never heard of it. At first with the description of bacon and eggs etc I thought it sounded like a cobb salad. But I looked it up online and it said that salad has a poached egg. Very interesting, it sounds delicious!
The reflection photo is amazing, like an optical illusion or something.

5:34 AM, January 24, 2008  
Blogger christine said...

I love to peope watch while eating!

5:17 PM, January 24, 2008  
Blogger Francine said...

ok, how did I miss that photo op? :)

2:51 PM, January 26, 2008  
Blogger L Vanel said...

Busy looking at the people coming out of the subway, I suppose!

9:09 AM, January 29, 2008  

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