Friday, April 03, 2009

Postcard: Writing

We're holding our breaths at the moment, one of those special times. We thought baby was coming this month, more than a hunch! But alas, it is not to be, this month. These days I am reminded of those long days, hours and minutes I spent waiting to go to Paris, a young woman in love. Waiting for the day of my flight was like starving to death! And when I arrived on the station platform in Paris, having spent the night in London on the way, the moment fell like a drop of water.

A kiss that seemed numbed by emotion, man's hand that takes my bag, that moment was so much bigger than me. It tumbles down and falls away. We smile (did we smile?) and walk along the platform under the arches in the Gare du Nord leaving the moment to part like the sea on either side of us. We left it in the station. Hot dry hands, rainy day. Only when I am inside looking at the pattern stamped into the yellow peeling wallpaper in his studio does a moment come straight to me in a flash, making my eyes sting with joy. One of the many we will share.

Now that it's sure we have at least another month to wait, the emotions are expanding to fill the gap, and there's so much more to think about. I am taking advantage of this kind of nouvelle vague French film kind of drawn out moment ticking by experience and its ability to let me observe - best to write for a few days. I hope you don't mind!



Blogger Sarah said...

You and baby are in my prayers! I can't wait until you are together and in love! But I will hold my breath until next month.


5:32 PM, April 03, 2009  
Blogger Wendy said...

Gosh. Glad you have the strength to savour the wait. Not sure I could cope!

Write away, dear Lucy. We all love to hear from you.

10:36 PM, April 03, 2009  
Blogger Lori said...

I am always glad to hear your words. I imagine them blowing like leaves from your mind and fingers to my computer on the other side of the wide ocean. I am waiting with you, in my small way, and am glad to share in a little small (or big) talk.

1:42 AM, April 04, 2009  
Blogger TryingHard said...

Dear Lucy
Please write. This is just a little lesson in patience and your lesson in patience will bless your readers as well. Your writings have helped me get through many difficult months so please don't think your writings fall on deaf ears. I am holding you and your family in my upper most positive thoughts. I have many positive baby thoughts going anyway since I just found out I am going to be a Meme in November! I am so excited!

3:24 PM, April 04, 2009  
Anonymous Gail, northern California said...

Yes, please...DO write. Therapeutic for you, most enjoyable for me.

I share some of your writings with friends. They've come to look forward to them also.

6:35 PM, April 04, 2009  
Anonymous s. Stockwell said...

We are waiting for a little one here (Santa Barbara, CA) It's just the most exciting time? also exhausting. best to you always, the Chefs from Jefferon's Table

9:25 PM, April 04, 2009  
Blogger christine said...

Oh no how frustrating! You put it so well, those moments bigger than us always take so long and then you're so right they are gone in an instant.

I'm waiting right here with you, holding my breath too (if it helps). I hope it does.

11:51 AM, April 05, 2009  
Blogger Nicole said...

Such a lovely post. I held my breath while reading it. You will be so in love again. In a different way. It is the most amazing thing. I am excited for you.

My friend just had her baby on Thursday. I am still waiting to hear the name. She is in Illinois so I cannot go visit.

6:30 PM, April 05, 2009  
Blogger Tracey said...

Oh Lucy, I know you guys have waited a long time for this, and I pray that he or she will arrive soon. Thank you for wanting to share some of the experience with us.

7:57 PM, April 05, 2009  
Blogger Unknown said...

I saw a new post from you in my Bloglines and immediately wondered if Baby had arrived...alas, not yet. As always, you are handling Life's experiences with such grace and patience - I'm learning a tremendous amount from you. Here's hoping Baby arrives soon.

Write away! We'll all be here!

6:36 PM, April 06, 2009  
Blogger Cucinista said...

You write so well and take some fantastic pictures. I just stumbled on your blog through Paper Apron and I'm glad I found it. I will certainly check back frequently!

9:12 PM, April 08, 2009  
Blogger Betty Carlson said...

A beautiful post about the beginning of a long adventure. Happy waiting!

6:50 PM, April 11, 2009  
Blogger vegetablej said...

Such moving writing about love that reminds me not a little of Virginia Woolf. The acute observation of the little moments and the feelings, not quite under control, yet obviously headed in the right direction.

Thank you.


8:32 PM, May 01, 2009  

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