Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Short & Sweet: New Neighborhood

I have a new market to explore. Although I've been here before I never had it to rely on like I do now. We are living in a gite up on the plateau next to the Croix Rousse market and although our little courtyard house is not equipped for the kind of cooking I normally do, I do have a big pot and a burner, which is all we need right now for autumn slow simmers. What's more, one of Lyon's major offal suppliers is present on the market four days a week, and the prices for these special cuts are well below the cost of the more common meats from the butcher. You know what this means. It means an enormous brass key turns in an ancient lock in a huge blue painted door. It means my market basket is switched to my left hand while I use another big key to open another gate and I step out, crunching through leaves across a square into the autumn morning with one mission.

I am marking things down in my notebook and will be sharing everything with you in time. But for the moment I will just try and keep things simple. Prepare an autumn stew, pair it with crusty baguette and a cool Bourgogne Aligote, follow it with a salad and a generous cheese platter, roasted or poached pears, and there you have the gist of the pleasures of our table right now.



Anonymous Lori said...

And a lovely pleasure it sounds to me. I am very glad to hear from you, and now I must find out the definition of "gite."

1:12 PM, November 09, 2011  
Blogger Stephanie said...

Sounds lovely!

3:17 PM, November 09, 2011  
Blogger L Vanel said...

A gite is a vacation rental, Lori. Sorry about that! Like a B&B but usually an independent property or apartment. You can browse this kind of rental on the gites de france website. Some are more equipped than others. Ours is a little house in a courtyard in a great area of the city.

3:27 PM, November 09, 2011  
Blogger racheld said...

Chris just mentioned that he'd like some pan-fried tripe---perhaps even with a tiny brass key for a wrought-iron glass door, I'll be able to step out to the market and cook some soon.

Your adventures always sound so charming and elegant, and Caro and I mention you almost every Monday evening---it's one of her days off, and a "cooking" day, and we all get to eat dinner together. It's always followed by one of her lovely cheese plates---we've become quite knowledgeable about lots of kinds, as she's practically an encyclopedia. And the lovely chutneys and conserves she makes seem to be exactly what you'd serve, as well.

12:04 AM, November 10, 2011  
Anonymous Alison said...

How nice to hear from you! I sounds as though you're having a lovely autumn. Can't wait to see what you've been cooking.

2:30 AM, November 18, 2011  
Blogger Beth said...

Sounds like a perfect meal!

11:27 AM, December 02, 2011  
Anonymous Daughter Fish said...

Lucy, I've followed your blog for a while. Absolutely love your pictures and writing. I used to live in Lyon, as a student, and remember Croix Rousse, and, more importantly, the amazing markets all over Lyon. Reading your blog takes me back to the city where I first really learned to cook:)

4:15 PM, December 22, 2011  

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