Friday, March 31, 2006

Shopping for a Savory Flan

Régal is a relatively new food magazine in France but the time is right. They speak to a new generation of enthusiasts. I love Régal, because they hire young talented photographers that push the meaning of food photography with their passion for their subjects and creativity. I love Régal because they make little shopping lists just the right size for me to punch holes in and add to my MUJI pocket notebook to take to the market.

While looking for ingredients to make a kind of onion flan cooked in the bain marie served with a pea cream on top, I discovered the name of the cébette onion (thanks to it being on my little Régal shopping list). It is one of the primeurs, meaning young fresh spring vegetable, but instead of just one kind of spring onion, there are several kinds. The cébette is the elongated thin one.These peas looked very fresh today, and I got some for the recipe. The local ones still haven't come out although we've had some from Morocco for couple of weeks now. The lady from Bresse had turkey eggs and promises a whole range of different species on Sunday.



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