Tuesday, May 16, 2006

No Blanquette de Veau Today

You've made the decision to prepare a simple beautiful blanquette de veau. You go to the butcher to get some gelatinous poitrine and some tender cuts as well to make it just right. You arrive at the butcher shop, and there's a scuffle going on near the shop. Some thugs have taken up outside and are demanding money from anyone who wants to go inside. Pay them, and enter quickly and easily. If you don't pay, you have to wait in line outside until those who have paid are finished with their business, then you can go in. Sound like a 3rd world communist block experience? Nope, this principle is being proposed by thugs trying to control access to the internet in the good old USA. Imagine if your access to pages on the internet was run completely by a business entity that had a commerical interest in controlling your web experience. Imagine that the corporation that controlled your web experience made it difficult and slow to download pages, podcasts, photos and information that weren't part of their agenda to make money from you, and made it easier and faster to see the pages that were a part of their money making scheme. Imagine that a fast lane and a slow lane were created on the information superhighway, and that blogs and non-commerical websites were put in the slow lane, while paying commerical sites with the goal of making money from you were put in the fast lane.

Sound like a science fiction nightmare? It's reality. The nation's largest telephone and cable companies — including AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and Time Warner — want to be Internet gatekeepers, deciding which Web sites go fast or slow and which won't load at all.

Please act now, and save your right to free equal access to the internet. Don't let lobbyists push this bill through to allow the big telecommunication groups to privatize and commercialize your access to bandwidth. You can do something about it.

Click the banner to see what you can do, join the net neutrality coalition, sign a petition, send an e-mail to your congress-person and senator, read the FAQ and understand what's about to happen. No matter where you live in the world you can do something. Learn more, and if you choose to, you can take action to stop this from steamrolling through congress.
You have the power!

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