Monday, November 05, 2007

Camp Cassoulet - Saturday Morning Market

The misty autumn morning enveloped us as we barreled through the one lane roads to the bakery in the nearest town. We had volunteered to get the breakfast breads. The people from the town were were shaking hands and had arrived by car, bike, and foot. They looked at us as if they were thinking - who are these people with the Lyon plates? They must be coming from Kate's! I ordered some viennoiseries and some different kinds of bread, placed in my hand still warm. Loic remarked that the pain au chocolat has a different name here, a chocolatine. When we left the bakery, the bicycle was gone, no doubt with a large loaf of hot bread balanced on the handle bars.

Back at Kate's, we had breakfast by the fire and planned to go to the town of Neyrac to do the shopping for the fixings. She had made a special order with the volailler and the charcutier, and she already had the beans prepared, well ready for their simmer with a ham bone.

I had my list of things to score - some to share with the group, and some to take home. (Kate, by the way, we left a nice big block of gratons in your fridge by accident, so you should eat them!) Trish picked up several dozen oysters, others got charcuterie of various kinds, and we talked with the man about his prunes, tasted, and got some.

There was a lady selling just a few quail products, I thought these quail sausages looked interesting.

Many kinds of grapes were offered at the market. I wondered about cooking with them in the region. They must do wonderful things with them this time of year, especially with the game birds that were for sale by just about everybody.


Blogger Wendy said...

The second picture - is that an elaborate birdhouse? It's adorable, whatever it is.

9:15 PM, November 05, 2007  
Blogger Kate Hill said...

Thanks for the Grattons Lucy! I think along with David L's scarf they were the only accidental souvenirs from a wonderful first ever Camp Cassoulet!

And yes, Wendy, that is a three- story birdhouse that the wisteria decorates every year. I love the little staircase in front!

8:39 AM, November 06, 2007  

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